3 Card Tarot Spreads For Beginners

Three card tarot spreads for gratitude. A 3 card tarot spread for beginners is a tarot queen’s bread and butter!

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Here are a few simple three card spreads i use with those learning to read.

3 card tarot spreads for beginners. Situation / action / outcome. This simple three card tarot spread is a really easy way to get a past, present and future perspective on any situation. Three card spreads are the ideal tarot spreads for beginners as they offer an opportunity to start putting multiple card meanings together into one coherent message, without the overwhelm.

Does this all sound a bit overwhelming? Simple tarot spreads for beginners 3 card tarot love 3 card tarot love: Three card tarot spreads are a great way to move on from single card readings and start exploring the tarot in more depth.

The nature of your problem / the cause / the solution. All of these spreads are linear spreads. Three card tarot spreads for motivation.

Psychics and fortune tellers have used tarot cards for hundreds of years. Past events that are either holding you back or have the potential to help you; There are many ways to use this kind of spread, but the best way to use it is to go for past/present/future or situation/problem/tip to handle it.

Put simply, three card tarot spreads are readings which involve drawing three cards from your tarot deck. They’re typically read left to right, and each card represents its own individual meaning, though they all tie together in some way. Linear 3 card tarot spreads.

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It’s the best way to begin to integrate your knowledge of the tarot with your own intuition to create a meaningful spread and message either for yourself or someone else. A 3 card tarot spread is the best way to dive into giving readings. Three card tarot spreads are one of the most common and simple ways to start.

What i think about the situation / what i feel / what i do. You, your path, your potential; Idea, process, aspiration balanced 3 card tarot spreads

Tarot readings are a powerful form of divination that use an ancient deck of cards to help you find answers to your most important questions about love, relationships, your career, finances and more. As you can imagine, this layout is good at suggesting some sort of linear path, sequence of events, cause and effect, or a way of getting from point a to point b. Three card tarot spreads are useful for any type of question or topic.

Honestly, some of the most powerful spreads are in the form of 3 card readings. The concept of the past sounds like an obvious one, but often there are subtleties involved. If you are new to learning how to read tarot, this is one of the easiest beginner spreads to start with.

Past / present / future. Past events that still affect you ; Current situation / obstacle / advice.

While this can include the querent’s past, it can also include events or the feelings of others that have had an impact or influence on the current. Context of the situation / where you need to focus / outcome. Tarot spreads are a fundamental part of reading tarot, and one of the simplest ways to learn different tarot spreads is using them!

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Before we interpret the reading, let's first understand what each card symbolizes. The first two cards help you understand how to align your values and dreams with your practical skills to determine a fitting career choice. The 3 cards spread is just great for beginners but also for more experienced tarot readers.

There are 3 cards in this reading: In the early days of reading, a reliable standard can build confidence. When first learning to read tarot cards, a 3 card tarot spread is the perfect place to begin.

Use just three cards for a simple reading. And ultimately, these 3 card readings will be the foundation of what your tarot reading will build off of.

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